Alpine Touring

You can now climb Mont-Sainte-Anne’s summit with your skins or your split board and then enjoy your favorite slope among the 71 available, thanks to ascent paths for alpine skiers. Those paths are located on the South Side and North Side of the mountain. This allows the alpine skiers to ski both faces of the mountain, covering a variety of terrain. The trails are also located deep in the forest, providing amazing landscapes during the climb. While alpine touring in ski resorts is most of the time offered along the existing downhill slopes, these trails take hikers through picturesque scenery of the mountain forests.

The alpine touring trails are accessible everyday from 8:30am to 2:30pm (last ascension).


Ticket types Rates
Rates 2018.19
Day ticket $8
Season pass $30
Alpine season pass holder (Unlimited or Week) Free
Please note that for insurability matter, it is mandatory to get a specific alpine touring season pass at the customer service, even if you already have an unlimited or a week alpine season pass. Your specific alpine touring season pass is usable at the same terms that your alpine ski one. Please note that the last ascension on the South side is at 2:30pm and the trails are close at night.

Trail map

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