Mountain biking

Mont-Sainte-Anne has a global reputation as THE ultimate destination for mountain bikers. This reputation is built on the fact that the mountain offers a great variety of trails, allowing beginners, families and expert riders alike to experience a memorable riding adventure.

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Cross-country – 130 km

The perfect mix between an endurance trial, an adventure tour and a technical challenge. The netwok is varied and offers low grade technical trails as La Boucle d’or, or others that challenge you with roots, rocks and drops as L’Avenue Royale, L’Adorila, La Bouttaboutte and more.
From the summit, all-mountain trails are also accessible to make you live more feelings!


Downhill – 30 km

The world-class network of downhill trails suits all needs: from an adrenaline rush (La Coupe du monde trail – The World Cup) to a break in nature and accessible banks (La Vietnam), thrill seekers will be satisfied, for sure! Find renowned technical trails as well as a beginner and family trail.
Equipment required: Downhill bike (double suspension), full face helmet, goggles and protections.

Pump track

Pump track

Located at the base of the mountain, this track is made out of banked turns and rollers allowing bikers to get speed without even using the pedals. Furthermore, it is considered as an ideal learning track for a biker’s first try on a relief terrain. The large pump track is newly built on a permanent structure, allowing an earlier opening!

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