The best rail park in the province.

Our MSA Snowpark is located in the trail “La Grand Allée”. It is more accessible than ever to all those interested in freestyle, and has been designed to satisfy all level of riding abilities. With a total of around 40 obstacles set all the way down the Snow Park, riders get to choose between an easy and difficult obstacle, which means around 20 obstacles on their way down.

Interesting facts

More freestyle terrain:

• 20% more obstacles than what was done over the past few years in our parks.
• Obstacles exclusive to Mont-Sainte-Anne in our Expert Section: creative, innovative and trendy, these obstacles emulate the Street Style.

Our Park’s lift: “La Tortue”

There is a ski lift specifically dedicated to serve the Snow Park. Take a look at the operating schedule available via the snow conditions report (generally operating on Fridays and Weekends).


Located on the Bunny Hill at the base of the mountain, this beginner zone is ideal for children as well as anyone who wants to give a try to Freestyle skiing for the first time (or to try new tricks). Obstacles are placed very close to the ground to limit the intensity of the falls and to allow riders to practice without fear. This Park is accessible through by the magic carpet ski lift and is free for anyone at anytime.


Located on the Dolce-Vita trail, the Boardercross is perfect for intermediate skill levels and is open to all. It features a course obstacles, table tops and rollers.