Mont-Sainte-Anne is an ideal, year-round destination. Located in a breathtaking area, the ski resort becomes a complete outdoors activity and adventure destination once summer comes. Lodging in nature only 30 min. away from the city, in addition to hiking, gondola rides, mountain biking, camping, golf, there is also canyoning, paragliding, spas, gastronomy and more.

Pump track
& Balance
Bike track

Available for everyone wearing a mandatory helmet, the pumptrack is a series of banked turns and roller waves allowing one to gain speed without pedaling. Thanks to its pronounced relief, it is a great place to learn! Just next to it, the balance bike track designed especially for toddlers is perfect for them to practice on before getting to the pump track. Included with the mountain access fee.


Year round, the paragliding school Aerostyle brings you to the summit of Mont-Sainte-Anne by the gondola. From the top of the west side and on a vertical drop of 2050 feet, feel the unique sensation of flying and enjoy the breathtaking view on the St. Lawrence River, the Côte-de-Beaupré and the Laurentians!


A few steps from Mont-Saint-Anne, Canyoning-Québec offers an amazing experience of rappeling in the Jean-Larose waterfalls, from June to October. Learn the basic skills of canyoning and explore two cascades of 12 and 19 meters, monitored by profesionnal guides.

Schedule: 9am to 2pm
Level : All
Equipment required: swim suit and sneakers
Includes : professional guides, helmet and harness, wetsuit and descender


Come and visit with a professional guide and get encountered the life of 65 Nordic Dogs and dogsledding. Access included with the mountain access fee (hiking rates).
Dog-trekking with our Nordic dogs or with your domestic dog. Private guided tours are also available.



Le Chemin des chutes: this trail that crosses three wondrous cascading falls of different heights (12, 19 and 41 meters) is closed for the summer. A repair project for the stairs is now on going to keep it safe for walkers.



Slacklining is a relatively new sport or physical activity performed on a webbing, secured between two anchor points, usually trees. It is great for developping balance, and always a lot of fun! Access included with the mountain access fee.


The younger one will definitely enjoy our outdoor children playground. The mulch ground guaranties the children’s security and allows them to let their energy and imagination run wild! Access included with the mountain access fee


Nothing beats a good old fashion series of physical exercices to stay in shape! And what better place to do it than in the forest? Our Forest parkour trail is a must for children as well as adults. Get caught up in the game, and enjoy great family time that is good for your body and mind. Access included with the mountain access fee.