Snownergie and Provincial Snowshoeing Championship

Do you feel a little grumpy when the cold and short days of winter arrive? Get moving and spend all your SNOWNERGY with us!

On February 9, KILOMAX invites you to enjoy winter pleasures at the Centre de ski de fond du Rang St-Julien. Different options will be offered to get you energized:

  • TRAIL SNOWSHOEING  |  5km and 10km |  Walk or run in snowshoeing

  • XC BLANC  |  5km and 8 km  |  Walk or run

  • FAMILIALE  |  1km  |  Walk or run for kids (free for kid’s parent)

Once the race is over, you are invited to the Rand St-Julien Shelter for a warm and conforting lunch!

You will find more information about the event on the SNOWNERGIE website and on their Facebook page.

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