Northman Race

Come take part in a hybrid endurance weekend focused on the terrain, course and obstacles, based on the original logger. Our ancestors were real-life superheroes!

Never seen before

To honor them, wear a plaid shirt and come live the ultimate obstacle race experience at “The Northman Race”.

Be warned, the log carry, tree climbing, wood sawing and ax throwing are only the beginning of your adventure with the NorthMan. No matter the obstacles in his path, the logger managed to make it back to camp before dark. You will have to navigate on our 8km course and get through over 30 obstacles that will block the way!

Three options

Our morning Open races are the friendly option yor first timers with fun lumberjack inspired features. Felling a bit more competitive? You can enter the competition in the Logger category and compete against people in your age group, or try to win the ultimate title in the Timber category. All information can be found on the Northman Race website.


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