Gran Fondo (Road bike event)

Mont-Saint-Anne Gran Fondo Road Bike Race combines performance and friendship. On July 14, cyclists can enjoy the ride with their friends, talk, have fun riding their bike but also challenge themselves during timed segments.

Gran Fondo Road Bike Race offers 3 different length races with synchronized timed sprints.

Choose your challenge

3 races length

Fondo – 45k

This race is ideal for a first experience. Get the advices of pros while you ride!

Piccolo – 80k

This race is for cyclists who want to enjoy the big event thrill but an acceptable difficulty level.

Medio – 115k

Cyclists who like to chalenge themselves would choose this lenght.

Alto – 160k

THE race!  For cyclist well prepared and well trained! Guys, this one if tough!

Details and registration

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