These classes are adapted by qualified instructors to our clients who have special needs:

Types of lessons

  • Technical assistance to the visually impaired
  • Three-track skiing with outrigger skis for leg amputees
  • Four-track stand-up skiing with outrigger skis for clients with reduced motor skills
  • Sit-Skiing with outrigger skis for paraplegic clients with strong upper body mobility
  • Sit-Ski riding for clients with a reduced mobility or a quadriplegic conditione

Included in all lessons

  • Lift tickets for client and support companion
  • The adaptive skiing equipment (which may be provided by the Sports Alpins Ski Shop)
  • Installation of equipment and preparation for departure
  • Two hours of support and instruction
  • Half price on equipment at the Sports Alpins Ski Shop for the support companion skier
  • Ratio: 1 client / 1 instructor
  • 2 hours clinic

    (am or pm)
  • 10 clinics card

In the case of adaptive skiing with no class taken, the limited skier get 50% off his ski ticket and 50% on the equipment rental (if necessary) at the Sports Alpins Ski Shop. If the special needs skier requires skiing support, these rates also apply for the companion skier. Rates are in Canadian dollars. Taxes not included.